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Customer Testimonials


“My customers love that it leaves no odors, and that it is safe. I love that it keeps the equipment from clogging, and lowers my maintenance costs” Guy Findeisen, Owner, Mr. Mosquito Mister Misting Systems


“Since we switched to Naprovit Pro Plus for ALL our automated misting systems, we've been able to increase misting coverage areas, kill more mosquitoes, and satisfy our customers' desire for a solution that is safe around their children and pets."    Bart Noble, Owner, Mosquito Mister Natural


“We are a working farm that uses over 30 dogs and horses.  I worried about the toxic effect around their feed and water.  I switched over to Naprovit with no toxic worries.  I have also benefited from eliminating fleas, which is an added benefit.” Bob Lines, Indiantown, Florida


“I was always concerned about Pyrethrin's toxicity around my children, and I've tried a few so-called 'natural chemicals' with no success.  Then my mosquito misting company started supplying Naprovit.  I was skeptical at first, but now I am completely satisfied with no odor or toxins.”  Dawn H., Parkland, Florida


“Our members hated the smell that came along with the old mosquito misting, and as an outdoor eatery, it was a real problem, along with the No-see-ums. Naprovit solved both problems!” – Country Club Manager, Boca Raton, Florida


“We had a terrible problem with wasp nests on our house. Since our misting company started using Naprovit PRO Plus, no more nests, no more dangerous chemicals…we won’t let him use anything else!” Lisa C., Naples, Florida


“With a lake behind our home, the mosquito problem was bad enough, but my wife is terrified of spiders. We switched to Naprovit and neither are a problem any longer, and we can’t believe it was accomplished without toxic chemicals!” Harold L., Ft. Myers, Florida