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Test Results

Executive Summary

An investigation into the toxicity of Naprovit PRO Plus to adult female mosquitoes showed that concentrations achievable in residential and commercial misting systems were able to produce a mortality rate of 77% against control mosquitoes.  Although complete control was not achieved, mortality was still significant.  The investigation was initiated because control was achieved anecdotally via household misting systems.  This investigation protocol mimicked a low volume misting spray in a Pete Grady Chamber but was not an exact replication of a misting system application.

Misting systems are timed space sprays that could result in needless insecticide applications, which could have a negative impact on the environment. A non- pesticidal compound which has been shown to not have any negative environmental impact would be preferable.  In other words, low toxicity compounds maybe preferable for use in misting systems over synthetic pesticides. 


Dr. Jane Bonds PhD, D.I.C.

Bonds Consulting Group LLC

June 2012

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