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Does Naprovit PRO Plus really work?

Absolutely.  A laboratory investigation showed that concentrations achievable in residential and commercial misting systems were able to produce a mortality rate of 77% against control mosquitoes.

Is Naprovit PRO Plus completely non-toxic?

​Yes!  Naprovit PRO Plus is safe to use anywhere, including around children, pets and in the garden.

Can I use Naprovit PRO Plus near water?

Yes!   Naprovit PRO Plus has no aquatic toxicity, so it an be used near or over open water without endangering fish or wildlife.  It is perfect for use over ponds and in boat houses.

How should I use Naprovit PRO Plus?

The recommended misting pattern calls for a minimum 5 times per day in the evening with a minimum 30 second misting period.  We suggest 45 minutes between mists with the first cycle 30 minutes before dusk.

Can I use Naprovit PRO Plus in New York State?

New York State currently does not require the registration of pesticide products which comply with the Minimum Risk pesticide exemption.  Since Naprovit PRO Plus complies with the Minimum Risk pesticide exemption, Naprovit PRO Plus is allowed to be used in mosquito misting systems in New York State.