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Non-Toxic Insect Control

for the Misting Professional

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Benefits to the Misting Professional

Opportunity for Higher Revenues

  • Customers will pay more for a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly product that is just as effective as a toxic product

Lower Maintenance Costs, so Naprovit pays for itself BEFORE any up charge

  • Reduced labor costs because less time spent at each stop
  1. No tank cleaning or rinsing necessary
  2. No filter changes necessary
  3. Fewer nozzles replaced
  4. No line flushing necessary
  • Reduces the need for nozzle replacement by over 90% by keeping lines clean and eliminating build-up in lines
  • Makes system run like new by clearing debris and build-up in equipment
  1. Higher pressures seen after first tank
  2. Cleaner lines, even in older systems
  3. Cleaner nozzles and less leaking from chemical residues
  4. Removes oxidation from equipment
  5. Better chemical disbursement for more effective action
  • Does not degrade equipment, so less parts replacement
  • Increased productivity and margins